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How Redapt Uses LiquidPlanner to Grow Their Business

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How Redapt Became a Leading Provider With LiquidPlanner

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It’s always inspiring to read about a startup that’s overcome the odds to grow and become a dominant player in their competitive space. It’s even better when you can apply lessons from their journey to your own business. Here’s a LiquidPlanner customer story that’s a real doozy of a success story.

Watch the video below to hear Redapt’s story in the words of COO and Co-founder, David Cantu in the following video.

Redapt, Inc. is a fast-growing data center and infrastructure provider based in Redmond, WA. The company develops and delivers data center infrastructure, advanced cloud engineering, and application development services to its clients all around the world. The company has grown from being a $500 startup business to a $600 million enterprise in a short period of time.

What was the key to their success? A project management system that brought structure and a sense of organization to their work processes.

Structuring work for growth

The team at Redapt was new to project management, and they were looking for a tool and a methodology that helped them organize their work, assign tasks, and provide a central location for collaboration. Redapt picked LiquidPlanner and has been a satisfied customer for over two years. With LiquidPlanner, the business is now better able to anticipate and respond to the needs of their customers, and lead the market as the company behind popular mobile apps, social games, SaaS companies and more.

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