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How to Make Accurate Project Estimations

Tatyana Sussex | October 14, 2015

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Nobody likes to miss a project deadline and go over budget. Unfortunately, too many of us have been there. Part of the problem is that making project estimates that are both accurate and rooted in reality is a challenging target to hit. But not impossible! There are different estimation methods; there are best practices, and then there’s the right software to help you calculate finish dates that you can actually make. This is good for business, good for morale and improves the quality of work—because your team isn’t frantically working overtime to meet an incoming (and overpromised) deliver date.

Another benefit about mastering the art of accurate project estimations is that it’s a learning process. You don’t only improve over time, but the estimation process gives you valuable information about your project work including what it takes to complete certain types of tasks and projects.

There are a variety of ways to estimate projects. Check them out! To learn about them and hone your skills, read our eBook, 6 Best Practices for Accurate Project Estimates. Download it now!

Six best practices

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