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How to Solve Common Business Problems with LiquidPlanner

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Managing IT projects is a tricky business. Technology moves fast, business environments are ever-changing, and tracking a portfolio of projects—especially when there are shared resources and inherent risks—is complex.

And yet, we all long for a better way. The reason project management software exists, among various reasons, is to make projects run according to plan, and help managers allocate and plan resources, even though the systems we end up using so often fall short of what’s needed, or how teams really work.

At the end of the day, we want to be able to walk into that status or board meeting with our heads held high and the confidence that we know what’s going on in every corner of every project.

But how often does this really happen?

LiquidPlanner recently did a series of short videos with GetApp to show how we solve common business problems and address project pain points. This first video talks about the algorithm that runs the show, and how our scheduling engine reflects realistic and real-time plans that capture uncertainty every step of the way until delivery.

To summarize, there are three important ways LiquidPlanner’s algorithm solves project pain points. It focuses on:

  • The priority position of your work. You can easily drag and drop tasks and project folders within your plan; the schedule will automatically update estimated completion dates.
  • Your resource capacity. LiquidPlanner is a resource management-driven schedule. In other words, every team members’ availability is built into the schedule; you’ll know if you’re overbooking anyone, or taking on projects you don’t have the resources for.
  • Estimates of work in best case/worst case ranges. This gives you a realistic range of when your work will finish, based on all the information you put into LiquidPlanner. You can see any risks coming down the pike and plan around them.

There are 19 videos that pop the hood of LiquidPlanner. To see more videos go to GetApp’s LiquidPlanner Playlist. Here’s to solving those pain points with scheduling software that works the way you need it to.

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