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How inDinero Grew Their Global Business Using LiquidPlanner

Tatyana Sussex | February 11, 2016

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When inDinero CEO Jessica Mah co-founded the accounting software company, she was 19 years old and had never worked for a company before. That was 2009. A year later, business was as good as dead. But Jessica, and her co-founder Andy Su, rethought the business from the ground up (and went to couples therapy), and intelligently fought their way back.

The company grew fast. In 2014 alone, inDinero’s growth rate was 2,685.6 percent. Today inDinero provides accounting and tax software for small businesses all over the world, with offices located in San Francisco, New York, Portland, and the Philippines. They’re a thriving success story, and we’re proud to be the project management tool their teams use to manage their continued growth, and to improve the way they collaborate and increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenue.

In the following video, Jessica and team members talk about how they use LiquidPlanner to run their bustling global organization. Watch to learn more!


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