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Last-Minute Gifts for Your Project Team

The Christmas holiday is a mere five days from now. And, if your company closes its offices the last week of the year, that only leaves you tonight to get any last-minute gifts for the project managers, collaborators, and contributors you work with.

Here are our recommendations for each of these people, based on their personality!

For the yoga enthusiast who doesn’t have time to leave the office:

The Manduka recycled foam yoga block is perfect for the fitness fan whose project schedule doesn’t allow them to get to the gym every day. It’s small enough to store in a drawer and can be used to sneak a workout into a shorter midday break.

For the insatiably curious person who wants to know what would happen if you fed Jurassic Park’s T-rex to Star Wars’ sarlacc:

Every team has at least one person who comes up with outlandish scenarios to solve equally outlandish problems—and oftentimes those solutions work! Randall Munroe’s What If? uses the scientific method to answer the ridiculous questions that we’re all too afraid to ask, making the perfect gift for the Wile E. Coyote in everyone’s team.

For the person who’s always forgetting an umbrella (or thinks it’s too much of a hassle):

Here in the Pacific Northwest, precipitation happens. Otter Wax makes your clothes naturally water repellent without damaging the fabric and is perfect for those quick jaunts to the corner coffee shop.

For the fresh face in your office who is learning the ropes:

With its stark words, this minimalist poster is a clear reminder for everyone from your newest teammate to your most senior colleague to be more productive.

For the person who wants the team to be happy and successful:

We’ve talked about The Happiness Advantage previously on the LiquidPlanner blog, but it truly does make a great gift for anyone who wants their project team to thrive. The book’s lessons on building strong social supports and environments of positivity and gratitude are even more appropriate at this time of year.

For anyone and everyone:

Finally, something homemade and from the heart will always be welcomed—and you can’t go wrong with cookies! This recipe was hugely successful when I made chocolate chip cookies for the LiquidPlanner office. If you know someone has food allergies in your office, you can easily find a gluten-free recipe, too.

What are your last-minute gift ideas for your coworkers and colleagues? Let us know in the comments!


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