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How LiquidPlanner Got Its Start

LiquidPlanner co-founder and CTO Jason Carlson knows the perils and frustrations of project managers.

For him it started years ago, working as a software test engineer for a major technology enterprise. He worked on a team that ran hundreds of projects a year using spreadsheets and modified tools—and watching releases slip further and further past deadlines. He and co-founder Charles Seybold saw a better way to manage projects. And instead of just talking about it, they went to work to create a revolutionary scheduling engine inside a novel new collaborative tool.

Watch Jason fill in the story of how LiquidPlanner got its start.

LiquidPlanner is the only predictive scheduling engine on the market. And managing uncertainty is our specialty. To learn more about how LiquidPlanner creates the most realistic schedules you’ll ever have, read our white paper, Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Technical Projects: The LiquidPlanner Approach.




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