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Helping Small Teams Do Big Things: LiquidPlanner Small Team Edition

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Helping Small Teams Do Big Things: LiquidPlanner Small Team Edition

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It’s easy to think that if you’re part of a small team, you can manage projects without difficulty. Your communication system is easy: you simply call out to someone across the office. Whiteboards, spreadsheets, emails—who needs a specialized project management system? You’ve got this!

But, wait. The idea that small teams don’t need help managing their work is something of a myth.

Why Small Teams Need a Work Management Tool

We hear from small teams regularly, all of whom are looking for a better way to organize and schedule work and collaborate more effectively. They know that being able to manage and track project work effectively can make or break their business. Help them grow. Reach their full potential.

After all, small teams have a smaller margin of error when it comes to allocating resources like team time and budgets, or withstanding the extra costs that come from overshooting deadlines. What small teams need is a system for organizing their work, collaborating on tasks, and creating realistic project schedules and timelines

This is why we’re excited to announce LiquidPlanner Small Team edition— a new dynamic project management offering tailored to serve the needs of small, fast-moving teams.

Helping Small Teams Do Big Things

Based on our unique Dynamic Project Management methodology, LiquidPlanner Small Team edition is a powerful solution designed to help teams of up to five people. Small Team edition blends core features like automated scheduling, collaboration, and document storage into one low-cost service. It includes:

  • A fully collaborative environment that includes every person on the team
  • Built-in project and task risk assessment modeling based on LiquidPlanner’s award-winning dynamic and predictive scheduling engine
  • 250 active tasks per workspace
  • 5GB of document storage space
  • Priced for five users at $49.95 per month, paid annually. That’s $9.99 per user per month!

How LiquidPlanner Helps Small Teams

We believe that teams work best when they organize tasks by priority, make best case/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location. This is true for teams of all sizes. Here’s how LiquidPlanner helps small teams do big things:

  • Priorities drive the schedule. You set the priority order of tasks with a simple drag and drop, and reorder them to your heart’s content. The scheduling engine will make updates to the larger schedule based on every change.
  • Schedules are realistic. All team members set their availability for project work per week in LiquidPlanner. LiquidPlanner won’t schedule someone to work past their set availability. This is one of the reasons the schedules you see are so reliable—they’re based in reality.
  • Instant visibility into the full plan. Everyone on the team can see project schedules, who’s working on what and get insight into how each person’s piece of work affects the bigger picture.
  • More than to-do lists. Other comparable small team tools are basically collaborative to-do lists. With LiquidPlanner you get a predictive scheduler that can adapt to the constantly changing nature of work. You’ll know the status of all projects in real-time, all the time.

We invite you to sign up for a no-obligation LiquidPlanner Small Team trial here.

Also, going forward, we’d love to hear from you on how LiquidPlanner is helping your small team do big things.

Tweet us at #SmallTeamBigThings. Happy planning!

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