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New Updates | Release 28 Summary

release 28 summary

Release 28 | April 11, 2022

Here’s a small but mighty release that delivers a powerful boost for your planning and tracking.

Swap Assignments

Use Swap Assignments in the bulk editor to quickly change existing task assignments and finalize your project plan by reassigning work from placeholders to your actual team members.

NEW: Reassign existing assignments in Project and Assignment Grid Views. Select up to 50 active assignments and use Swap Assignments to make changes. On assignments where hours have already been logged, swapping will mark the existing assignment done and create a new assignment for the member taking over the work.

(A) The new Swap Assignments button in the bulk edit toolbar

(B) Change assignees in the Re-assign To column

swap assignments in liquidplanner update


Hours Editor

NEW: The Hours Editor is redesigned to simplify the time-tracking experience and make it easier to see remaining, logged, and total hours for a given assignment. Explore the 3 subviews in the new Hours Editor:

  • Planning: Log progress or update the remaining estimate.
  • Logged: See the Assignment’s time-tracking history by day, by Cost Code.
  • Total Work: View the daily estimation history and total hours (logged + remaining hours) by person by day.

liquidplanner hours editor

Task Edit Panel Assignments Table

NEW: A Logged column has been added to the Assignments Table so you can see hours logged by assignment. Clicking into the Logged column opens the Hours Editor so you can track time.

Access Control and Invitation

NEW: Organizations on the ULTIMATE Plan are able to set the access level when inviting someone to their workspace. Project Manager is the default access level.


This change was made based on user feedback – thank you!

CHANGED: Column selections and column order in the Timesheet Export are persistent, and remain intact even if you refresh the browser, navigate away from the page, or logout.

Cost Codes

NEW: Two new settings ensure Cost Codes are used when logging progress. Org Admins and Workspace Managers can edit them in Workspace Settings under Administration in the left-side navigation.

Default Cost Code for New Assignments automatically adds the default Cost Code when new assignments are created. General Task Work is the default setting in a new workspace. It can be changed or set to None.

Cost Codes can be required when tracking time by setting the field, When Logging Time to Require a Cost Code. When this is enabled members will not be able to log progress without a Cost Code.


NEW: Apply rates to a project using the rate sheet dropdown menu on the Project Edit Panel Planning tab. Rate Sheets are a Premium Feature on PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE Plans. Customize Rate Sheets under Administration in the left-side navigation.

Change History

CHANGED: On PAID plans, deleted items are now retained for 90 days. On free plans, deleted items remain available for 30 days.


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