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New Updates | Release 43 Summary

New Updates, Release 43 Summary, December 2023

Release 43 | December 13, 2023
Reports have landed, and now the exciting part begins! Table Reports are the foundation of the advanced reporting suite with more to come throughout 2024.

Create and download reports

Create a new report

Customize settings, columns and filters in a Table Report to examine work, schedule metrics and properties by Package, Project, Sub-Folder, Task or Assignment. Table Reports are similar to Grid Views – but they have a distinct advantage because a Table Report can be saved to keep settings, columns and filters intact! Table reports can be downloaded to excel or shared with other members by copying a link. They are stored in a Library, alongside Dashboards. Access controls ensure they can only be viewed by members who have access to the plan items in the report.

NEW: Workspace Library has Package Table, Project Table, Sub-Folder Table, Task, Table and Assignment Table Reports.

NEW: Package Library has Project Table, Sub-Folder Table, Task Table, and Assignment Table Reports.

NEW: Project Library has Sub-Folder Table, Task Table, and Assignment Table Reports.

Learn more in the Academy: Email Notifications

Filter aware roll-ups

Filter aware roll-ups provide even more value to reports and dashboards by ensuring totals and counts displayed are calculated from the filtered subset.

NEW: Filter aware roll-ups in Table Reports.

NEW: Filter aware roll-ups in these Dashboard Widgets: Metric Tally, List Widgets, Properties, Schedule Summary, Task Board, Insights and Workload.

Convert Dashboard Guest to a Member

Convert dashboard guests to a member

Promote Dashboard Guests to Members with the click of a button. Org Admins can upgrade Dashboard Guests. Once upgraded, the Guest becomes a Workspace Member and consumes a User License. If a license isn’t available, the Org Admin will be prompted to purchase one. The converted Guest is notified by email and provided a link to access the Workspace.

NEW: “Upgrade to Member” button on the Guest profile converts a Dashboard Guest to a Workspace Member.

NEW: Guest is notified by email when they are upgraded to Workspace Member.


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