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Q&A With Marta Langland, LiquidPlanner’s Customer Support Specialist | LiquidPlanner

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Q&A With Marta Langland, LiquidPlanner’s Customer Support Specialist

Marta Langland joined our Customer Success team—bursting with talent these days—and she’s already making her mark. An active learner with a lot of energy, Marta thrives on taking her knowledge and paying it forward with purpose. Read on to learn her routines, influences, and hobbies.

LiquidPlanner: Briefly describe an average work day for you at LiquidPlanner:

Marta: I help our customers maximize their usage of LiquidPlanner so they can get the most out of the product. This means I help them learn the product, answer their questions and troubleshoot issues.

How did you know LiquidPlanner was the perfect fit for you?

I was intrigued by the product and wanted a customer-facing role. I also knew that LiquidPlanner had a reputation for being a great place to work. Then I came into the office and everyone I met was warm and knowledgeable. The values of the workplace just seemed to fit.

How do you stay productive and focused during the day?

Jumping out of my seat for a minute to refresh my brain, grab a snack or re-up on tea.

What do you appreciate the most in your co-workers?

Everyone has been so supportive as I learn the role. I feel motivated by the work and the ideas that come from my co-workers.

Do you have a ritual or routine to the start of your workday?

NPR in the car with olive bread toast and tea!

Your idea of happiness at work is:

Collaborating with co-workers to solve problems; constant learning, and feeding a positive environment.

What book has most influenced your career?

I can’t think of a specific book, but most recently I’ve been influenced by listening to career-related TED talks.

Interview tips for anyone looking for a job right now?

Research the company you’re applying for, and talk not only about your past experiences but also how those experiences will relate to the role you’re seeking. Connect the dots!

A few things you do outside the office?

You can find me gardening, spending time with family, hiking, skiing, dancing or knitting. I usually have a live music show in the pipeline (to ensure there is said dancing).


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