Every week we scour the web to bring you interesting, thought-provoking and smart stories that made us stop and think. This week’s stories focus on productivity and the impact that complex projects can have on the long-term outcome of a business. So, here are a few great stories that will help you create a to-do list game plan, work slower to get more done while blocking time for thinking and productivity–and reconsider all that multi-tasking you’re doing (or not!).

Happy Reading!

Five Ways Working More Slowly Can Boost Your Productivity Faisal Hoque, Fast Company

Multitasking: Giving the World an Advantage it Shouldn’t Have – Farnam Street blog

The To-Do List Game Plan – Valet.com

The Epic Story of Dropbox’s Exodus From the Amazon Cloud Empire—Cade Metz, WIRED.com

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