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SSO Is Here!

sso project management | LiquidPlanner

How many passwords do you have to remember (and enter) in a workday?

The rise of SaaS solutions has given us more indispensable tools than ever before—which is so great! But then come the apps to sign in to and the credentials to remember . . .  Not a big deal except for when you forget a password, get locked out of a tool you need to do your job and then have to contact your IT department to help you back in.

All this might sound relatively harmless—other than the inconvenience—and it is. Except when you add up the time it takes and money it wastes every time this happens: for the team members who temporarily can’t do their work, and the IT personnel who have to spend time getting individuals back in. It adds up!

These are just some of the reasons why Single Sign-On (SSO) is so valuable. And now, LiquidPlanner Enterprise customers have access to SSO.

SSO on LiquidPlanner

In technical terms, SSO connects LiquidPlanner to Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) or other SAML 2.0-based systems. In practical, what-does-this-mean-to-me terms, SSO streamlines your access to LiquidPlanner. Now, when you log in to your work computer using your corporate credentials, you can connect to your LiquidPlanner workspace as well. No second login step, not another password to remember.

Additionally, SSO lets IT admins manage employee access to LiquidPlanner on a seat-by-seat basis. Admins can block access to LiquidPlanner in a timely manner by removing or disabling access to ADFS or other SAML-based systems, which enhances the security of your workspace.

SSO simplifies access to managing your project in LiquidPlanner and makes getting down to business easier than ever.

To learn how to configure Single Sign-On in your organization, read our help article. To find out all the details of our latest release, peruse our release notes.

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