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The Project Manager Gift Guide

Hustlin' Poster

It’s December 1st. You know what that means: You have exactly 24 shopping days left until Christmas. That sentence alone might be enough to send you into a violent panic. But fear not! We’re here to help. Even if you don’t know someone with the official title of project manager, these gift ideas work for anyone who needs to get stuff done. Whether you need a present for this year’s office Yankee swap, or you have no idea what to get your project manager son or daughter-in-law, we have a few ideas for what to put underneath the Christmas tree.

1. Motivational Poster

Project managers work hard, and they need a pick-me-up every once in a while. But since you can’t always be there physically to cheer them on, why not get a poster that will help them focus and get their energy up? After “Everyday I’m Hustlin,” my favorite posters from this hip hop inspired line by Arianna Orland includes “Today Was A Good Day,” “Can’t Touch This,” and appropriately, “Thinkin’ of a Master Plan.”

2. Clocky Run Away Alarm Clock

Do you keep missing those early morning meetings or international conference calls? It’s true that when “you snooze, you lose.” Well, your project managers will never have that problem again with Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away from you while beeping loudly at the crack of dawn. Clocky won’t just get you up; you’ll burn some calories too, meaning you can skip the gym (right? Isn’t that how it works?).

Clocky Alarm

3. Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art, by Steve McConnell

Everyone needs something to read on the plane ride home, right? This book inspired us to build an online tool that allows for estimating in ranges. Maybe it could inspire the PM in your life as well and change the way they approach estimates all together.

Software Estimation (McConnell)

4. Mini Nerd Power Vinyl Pocket Protector/Business Card Holder

Since the project manager in your life is also probably a big ol’ nerd (I say that with love), why not go right for what they really want and get them a pocket protector? I like this one especially because it has multiple uses. When you’re flying your Geek Flag high, it’s a pocket protector. When you’re trying to look smooth at a conference or on a date, it’s a business card holder (and only really cool people have those). You can’t lose.

Pocket Protector

5. Sticky Notes

We meet a lot of recovering Sticky Note-aholics at LiquidPlanner – those project managers who write down and organize all projects and tasks…on sticky notes. (Help our fight against Sticky Note-ism at Hopefully the PM in your life uses sticky notes responsibly, and since they are indeed very important individuals, they should have sticky notes that broadcast that fact to anyone who will listen. Confidence is always important.

Sticky Notes

What do you want for the holidays this year (onilne project management-related or not)?


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