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What Your Avatar Says About You

Headshot Avatar

Picking an avatar can not only help distinguish who you are when you’re collaborating with your fellow team members, but it can say a lot about your personality as well. Read on to find out what your avatar says about you (and yes, these are all real life examples from the LiquidPlanner team!):

1. Headshot

There you are, looking straight into the camera, in a flattering light, no red eye to be seen. Headshot avatars convey that you are professional, concise and to the point. You want people to know exactly who they’re talking to in the LiquidPlanner comment stream. Sure, these avatars might seem a little formal, but they get the job done, a project manager’s very motto.

2. Cartoon Character

Blossom AvatarYou are incredibly “animated.” People are naturally “drawn” to you. You’re really good at Name that “Toon.” (I can keep going, folks). The most popular cartoon avatars can range from South Park characters to Anime to original hand drawn creations, but they always seem to say, “I take my work seriously, but I still know when to have fun.” I picked Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls as my avatar because she’s a butt-kicking redhead. The resemblance is uncanny.

3. Animal

Animal AvatarYour LiquidPlanner avatar is the perfect way to express your affection for the animal kingdom. Because boy, do you love animals. You’ve contemplated bringing your dog to the office with you. You frequently take videos of your cats and upload them to YouTube. Your favorite place to go in the city is the zoo, and you volunteer on the weekends at a pet adoption center. You are cute, cuddly, and caring, and both people AND animals like having you around.

4. Celebrity

Celebrity AvatarLet’s face it: You probably chose to use this certain celebrity’s mug because you 1) admire them or 2) you’re trying to be ironic. I know you told the rest of the office that you picked Justin Bieber as a joke, but everyone knows the real deal. One of our developers has actually written a code that changes his avatar to a new celebrity on a daily basis. It’s kind of fun to see what gets picked next.

5. Symbol

Clover AvatarMaybe it’s your favorite sports team’s logo, or your family crest. Or maybe you just picked something random because you really don’t want to use a picture of your face, or anyone else’s face for that matter. You are a private person, but fiercely loyal, and you know what you like.

What’s your LP avatar, and why?


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