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What’s It Like to Work at LiquidPlanner?

LiquidPlanner Team members

Instead of going on about how smart, passionate, dedicated and fun our environment is, we’re going to compare our work culture to the stand-out features of our project management tool. Ready?

We’re agile.  Employees are LiquidPlanner’s number one asset, and it’s obvious to anyone who works here: you feel like you matter. Teams are always striving to improve our product by responding to customer requests and new ideas. This makes for an energetic, productive company where everyone’s always learning about how to perfect processes and the product—and we do this by getting stuff done.

We’re flexible. We’re friends with uncertainty and change here, because that’s how life rolls. We also know that surprises—in and outside the workplace—happen, and we want to make sure our teams have a healthy work-life balance. This includes four weeks of paid vacation a year.

We’re transparent. We don’t keep secrets here. Instead, every team member knows the direction of the business at all times, and is clear on the company vision, mission and our goals. Since all of our projects live in the LP tool, employees can dig in and see what everyone else is working on—and know exactly what’s expected of them, too.

We’re collaborative. If you like strong and collaborative teamwork, you’ll love it here. Not only do we use the tool to communicate back and forth but you’ll often hear a “Hey Tatyana, do you know . . . ” ring out between co-workers. In other words, asking questions is encouraged and we do a lot of it in person. We collaborate within our teams and across teams—and quite frequently. Also, the management team has an open-door policy, and encourages feedback, ideas and opinions (and challenging ones). We need strong, bright minds and voices to move us forward.


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