LiquidPlanner Basics

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CLASSIC LiquidPlanner

Pre-Spring 2021

For customers planning with our original product.

NEW LiquidPlanner

Launched Spring 2021

Learn about our re-imagination of planning and our new product design

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Each plan item in LiquidPlanner has one free-text Reference field.  This field is in Item Details, located in the Planning section on the plan item’s Edit Panel


The Reference field is limited to 250 characters.  View Reference field content in the following places:

Remember that LiquidPlanner also has Custom Project and Task Fields and Tags, so you’ll want to consider them as well when deciding if the Reference field is the best option for your data. Custom Fields are associated with either projects or tasks, and have fields types including pick list, text, date, number, and currency. Tags are a flexible, free text option for categorization across plan items.


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