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Hundreds of Nonprofits Use Project Management Software for Good

LiquidPlanner is proud to be a supporter of nearly 400 nonprofits who are providing care to people in need or fighting a great cause.  Our Education program has been in place for more than two years and has members around the world.  Recently we learned how one nonprofit, The Shine Centre, has used LiquidPlanner to extend their ability to support literacy and language development for children in South Africa.

The Shine Centre needed to plan a roll out of the Shine Literacy Program to 20 schools in Cape Town by the end of 2011. Trevor Lobel, project manager for The Shine Centre, comes from a business systems and software implementations background.  Trevor is well versed in Project Management methodologies and knows the value of documenting and communicating processes.

In the early stages of his planning he was using MS Project, but he quickly realized that all members of the Shine team needed access to the project plan and relevant documents. He began researching project management software, and after trying competing products LiquidPlanner stood out as the best choice.

Through LiquidPlanner’s collaboration features, Trevor added project details, documents, comments and links that were tightly linked to the various project schedules. This allowed the Shine Centre to streamline their tools, give everyone better visibility into the projects, and collaborate together.

Trevor found that LiquidPlanner helps all of his team members to think as Project Managers and manage their own subprojects.  He says, “People think that they can side step project planning with software.  Bottom line is that we developed a plan, and then we used LiquidPlanner to document and track it.”

Currently, Shine is using LiquidPlanner to manage their Salesforce implementation. Their ultimate goal is to expand their operations throughout South Africa. We look forward to continuing to support their mission.

See how the Shine Centre has developed their literacy program, and how it’s affected the lives and futures of children in Cape Town.

The Shine Centre is one of many Nonprofit users of LiquidPlanner’s project management software. Here are just a few others:

Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah 

Cascade Land Conservatory 

Tufts University


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