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10 Best Leadership Practices for Project Managers


Being a project manager who leads a team or project requires the right combination of experience, skills and confidence. There’s usually a lot at stake, and the balance between running the project and being a leader can get tricky. After all, being a project manager and a team leader are two distinct roles–with overlap, of course. The good news is that you can succeed in your project management leadership role by implementing some of these best practices. Here’s a list of 10 leadership practices that you can put to use today. The secret ingredient: practice, practice, practice.

There’s more! To be an even more effective project manager (or improve your role as someone who manages projects, which is almost all of us), we’ve put together some best practices to motivate your team and deliver first-in-show projects. Download the eBook, 5 Practical Habits for Today’s Project Managers.”

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