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21 Project Management Resolutions for the New Year

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Resolutions, goals, intentions, missions—whatever you call yours, the blue sky of a fresh new year is the time to set your mind on achievements and career themes. Here are 21 ideas for taking your skills, your job and your team to the next level. Go get ‘em, tiger!

  1. Be a more effective delegator.
  2. Focus on applying more of your natural strengths to your project work.
  3. Help build the strengths of your team members.
  4. Have more effective meetings.
  5. Start making ranged estimates on projects and tasks. Get the team on board, too.
  6. Read more books that enhance your career, hone skills and motivate you.
  7. Improve conflict management skills.
  8. Create a personal mission and vision statement—something that will support and enhance your career goals.
  9. Prioritize your work more efficiently.
  10. Learn how to use your project management tool more effectively.
  11. Find ways to increase the level of happiness at work—for you and your team.
  12. Write down the worst mistakes and snafus of the year and then write down what you learned from them.
  13. Create a more agile work environment.
  14. Improve your risk management skills.
  15. Improve your resource management skills.
  16. Help your team be more successful.
  17. Mentor someone—within our outside of your organization.
  18. Be vigilant about your team tracking their time.
  19. Be a more organized project manager.
  20. Be more focused.
  21. Improve your leadership skills.

Tell us your career resolutions and goals, in the comments.


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