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How 3 Customers Switched to a New Project Management Tool

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How 3 LiquidPlanner Customers Made the Move to a New Project Management Tool

project management transition

Is your team ready for a better way to manage work, but you’re not sure if moving from sticky notes or a spreadsheet to an online project management tool is worth the effort? Don’t fret, you’re not alone!

We know that transitioning from how you’re used to managing projects (even if nobody likes it) to a new-and-improved way can be a tricky business.

That’s why today we’re sharing the stories of three amazing, and relatively new LiquidPlanner customers: PitchBook, DNASTAR, and Gravitate Solutions. We talked with them about their journey to effective project management and got their advice on how to do it successfully.

Finding the right tool

In each case, these three companies tried multiple tools, from online spreadsheets to overly complex project solutions in an effort to change how they work, execute faster, boost collaboration and ultimately deliver more value to their individual business.

What we found throughout each conversation was this: Change is never easy or immediate, but when done thoughtfully it can lead to amazing results.

For example, Rob Sapko, GM and Director of Engineering Services at Gravitate Solutions, a consulting company that provides software development services hit the nail on the head:

“If you’re managing projects today using Excel or other poorly-suited tools, you really have nothing to lose by trying a different approach.”

So, if you want a new way to work but you’re worried that the transition will be overwhelming, read the real-world stories from business leaders just like you.

Our white paper “From Chaos to Clarity – Three LiquidPlanner Customers Share Their Journeys to Effective Project Management” is filled with examples and advice about how to make the transition from your current project management process to a more effective one.

We hope it helps you make the leap to a new tool as well.

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