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Coffee and LiquidPlanner Make the World Go ‘Round


Mmm, caffeine… Many of us can’t go a morning without it. That’s probably part of the reason why Seattle was just named America’s Best Coffee City. It’s not surprising because it appears that there are a lot of coffee lovers in the LP office! Case in point, our TWO coffee machines:


So does all that coffee improve productivity? According to an infographic by Career Builder and Dunkin’ Donuts, 46% of workers in the US claim they are less productive if they don’t have coffee and 34% say they need coffee to get through the workday.

Whatever the benefits of caffeine, we thought we’d ask our team what their favorite caffeinated drinks are. So here’s the list, just in case you ever want to bring us a little morning pick-me-up. 😉

Michelle – Nonfat Mocha, Light on the Chocolate

Tyler – Decaf Nonfat Mocha

Alison – Caramel Latte

Brett – Cappucino

Jason – Latte

Mark – Latte with Cinnamon and Agave Sweetener

Keiko – Dirty Chai

Liz P. – Soy Mezzo

Tatyana – Americano with two inches of Steamed Cream and Agave Sweetener

Charles – Grande Iced Americano with 2X Vanilla

Kayvon – Iced Americano

Mary Ellen – Iced Zebra Mocha

Jacin – Iced Black Coffee

Samantha– Iced Toffee Latte with Soy

Jon – Black Coffee

Liz R. — Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk.

Adam – Milstead & Co.’s fancy brewed coffee

Jen – Double Tall Soy Latte

Zareen – Almond Latte


Do you feel more productive after having coffee? Have a favorite coffee drink you want to share? Leave us a comment!


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