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Dream Big, Dream Young: Seattle Girls' School Entrepreneur Day | LiquidPlanner

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Dream Big, Dream Young: Seattle Girls’ School Entrepreneur Day

seattle girls' school

Last Friday, we had a vibrant group of young students from the Seattle Girls’ School here at LiquidPlanner. They gathered around our lunch room and listened to our team of development gals tell them about their experiences and career paths. One student was excited to see that art and tech can live in harmony and come together in a really cool job.

Welcome to Progressive Entrepreneur Day, when female CEOs from the Seattle area invite a group of seventh grade girls into their companies to engage them in conversation, share stories and even get them coming up with business ideas. The purpose is to expose these young minds to a potpourri of business models, and to give them rich stories of what their futures can look like.

Liz Pearce, LiquidPlanner CEO and one of the people behind the idea of Entrepreneur Day is actively involved in encouraging young women to step into dream jobs of influence and leadership roles. But first, in order to dream, they have to see visions of what they can strive for.

“I want to give them the idea that they can do this one day,” Liz says.

So to the female members of our future work force, stay curious, always be learning, take initiative, dream big and go for it!

King 5 News came along for the ride. You can watch their news story here: 

seattle girls

About the Seattle Girls’ School

The Seattle Girls’ School is a middle school that offers a challenging academic program with a focus on empowering young women to be community leaders with the skills to solve real life challenges. The curriculum features project-based work, and exposes students to a variety of challenging experiences.


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