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Feature Tip #7: Save Time & Streamline Adding New Work with Intake Forms

Submit New Work with the Intake Form

Feel like you’re always chasing down details for new work requests? Always missing a few important bits of information at the start of your projects? Disorganized and uncertain is a bad way to start a new project.Luckily, we built Intake Forms for projects and tasks so you can start off on the right foot. No more chasing down details through email or Instant Messaging someone for missing information. Set up the Intake Form and you can be certain to get everything you need, organized in a way that makes it easy to get started:
  • Add the Intake Form Widget to a Dashboard
  • Customize it to suit your needs
  • Let everyone know where to find it
Having more control over where and how work comes in is especially important for fast moving teams who can’t afford a break in the action. Intake forms promote efficiency by making it possible for project managers to evaluate and prioritize new work within the rest of the portfolio. Adding them to your workflow minimizes friction so you won’t skip a beat.Ready to include Intake Forms as part of your workflow? Check out this video:

Save Time & Streamline Adding New Work with Intake Form

Do you ever struggle to capture all of your critical project information? 

Adding work is now easier than ever and even more streamlined with the Intake Form.

Use Project & Task Intake Form widgets on Dashboards to add new work based on a form that you design. 

It could be as simple as a single task or project folder, all the way up to a fully built out project with tasks, assignments and properties based on a Template.

The customizable settings ensure requestors supply all of that critical information up front so you can prioritize and assign new work as soon as it is submitted.

The Intake Form guides users through the process of creating a new plan item.

When new work needs to be added, go to the form and fill out the necessary fields.

See your project added in real time within your dashboard.

Go to your project within Portfolio view to prioritize and add any additional information needed for predictive scheduling, like team member assignments.

Your team will see this newly added work within their My Work view, based on priority order. 

With the Intake Form, you’ll know with confidence that all of your critical project information is accounted for and ready for your team to execute.

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