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We wanted to kick off the new year with a few inspiring quotes on organization.  Our team had so much fun doing this; a couple of quotes grew into an entire list.

As you know, we take project management very seriously and we believe that being organized is a key trait found in good project managers.

To wrap up the month, we’ve listed out all the great #getorganized2013 quotes that our team compiled. Let us know which one is your favorite.

  • I have a great list of things I want to get done this year, I wonder where it is?
  • If I get something done for every cup of coffee I have, it’s a great day.
  • The more I plan, the less I worry.
  • I’ve always found that a smart “no” trumps a dumb “yes”.
  • I got something important done yesterday, did you?
  • You don’t have to brag about success if the data does it for you.
  • Duck, Duck, Goose – do your status meetings feel like this?
  • How can you tell your team is productive? No backlog of unmade decisions.
  • Mysteries are for novels, not project plans.
  • Here are some free checkboxes [_] [_] [_], add your own tasks.
  • If your head is in the clouds, your plan should be there too.
  • The plan thickens!
  • If at first you don’t succeed, you must have failed to plan.
  • If you fail to plan you must be planning on failing.
  • Setting yourself up for success means understanding what success is, so write down the damn plan.
  • Recycling – good for plastics, bad for excuses.
  • The future is already on order, are you tracking the shipment?
  • Returns are for shoes that don’t fit, not failed projects
  • Deadlines in mirror are closer than they appear
  • Of course you don’t trust the other guys schedule, buy why do you expect him to trust yours?
  • An estimate is a statement of probability; a guestimate is the one date you won’t hit.
  • If your schedule printout is a week old, throw it away.
  • Make lots of small tasks so you’ll know how fast you are procrastinating.
  • Why is it easy to plan someone else’s work, but hard to plan your own?
  • Managers should start each day with the goal of getting three things done.
  • If you carry all your tasks in your head, there will be no room for fresh ideas.
  • The sweet feeling of marking a task done is highly under-rated.
  • Who gets more done, you or your competitors?
  • Sweeping work under the carpet just fills your room with speed bumps.
  • Extras are for pizza’s not projects; stay focused and work the plan for best results.
  • Meetings should be for making decisions not for burping up status.
  • If your business does not have an up-to-date written plan, then you’re not planning.
  • You have about 1900 working hours left in 2013, what are you going to get done?
  • Your five person team has about 9600 working hours left in 2013, don’t waste it.
  • If you estimate and prioritize your work, you’ll know when to say “no”.
  • Next time you get an estimate like “2 weeks”, ask if it is best or worst case; you’ll soon have 2 numbers.
  • I prioritize, therefore I will succeed.
  • Track everything you cut from your projects, not doing this is like cheating on your taxes.
  • I’d rather hire a great project manager than a great MBA.
  • Managing projects in email is like baking cookies in a dishwasher; use @LiquidPlanner.
  • Nobody ever got fired for being too organized.
  • Drama is for movies, not projects. Write it down and share the plan.