How to Stay Sane, Focused and Productive–and Survive the Company Party

Tatyana Sussex | November 22, 2013

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This is the time of year many of us are forced to take on a Superhero level of multi-tasking as we juggle jobs, shopping lists, parties and crazy relatives family gatherings. Here’s a short list of articles to help you plan and organize for the best season yet!

5 Things to Do to Stay Sane and Productive During the Holidays
These surprising and fresh to-do’s involve a little stop-look-and-listening, plenty of sleeping and stepping back to ask exactly Why you’re doing what you’re doing and if it’s worth it. Maybe a little change is in order? – from Huffington Post’s Blog

10 Tips for Staying Focused at Work Around the Holidays
Things can get gnarly if you’re busy at work and have a full plate for the holidays. But this article has some practical and inviting suggestions for how to keep your attention centered when things get a little cray-cray. Some favorites: take a few days off and stop multi-tasking. – from Smead

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Fired After Your Office Holiday Party
This can be quite the lively time for an HR department – and the office gossip pool. This article provides some wise rules to live by when whoopin’ it up at your company party. Heed this fair revelers: “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.” – from ABC News.


Job Searching During the Holidays – Why You Should Rev It Up
Some strong reasons why you should not put your job hunt on hold for January. Excerpt: “Things are a little slower around this vacation-heavy season, so employers will have more time to consider your credentials than they would during a hectic hiring period.” – from Business Insider.

Top 10 Holiday Organizing Tips
If you’re overwhelmed and you like feeling orderly, here’s a ten-step list of how to plan and what to do from now through the day after your final celebration. Tip: First you plan, then you organize.  – from TLC.