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Is Your Project Management System Working for You? A Diagnostic Tool for Project Teams

pm health check

Technology teams are continually being asked to do more work with either the same or fewer resources. As teams scramble to meet these high expectations, traditional project management systems have failed to keep pace with the dynamic nature of work.

Do your projects run late and over budget more often than you’d care to admit?

You’re good at your job, and your team’s doing great work, so what’s wrong with this picture? Stressful, isn’t it?

Where Do You Stand?

We have a theory: Most teams are using the wrong project management tool – and it’s killing their chances of success. LiquidPlanner’s new Project Management Health Check Diagnostic Tool is a nine-question multiple-choice quiz that can help you get to the bottom of what’s wrong with your PM system.

Answer the nine questions and you’ll get a score based on the performance of your project management solution in three areas: Predictive Scheduling, Insight, and Collaboration. Not just that, but your score comes with an analysis of your results and suggestions for improvement—including our eBook on the nine most common project management challenges.

Where do you stand? Complete this project health check now to find out.

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