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New Updates | Release 24 Summary

liquidplanner Release 24

Release 24 | November 17, 2021

This release introduces Rate Sheets and Billable Cost Codes.

Rate Sheets

Liquidplanner release 24 workspace settings

New: Set up Rate Sheets for billing and analysis. Rates are based on Billable Cost Codes and associated with People or Resources. The rate is applied when they log progress using the Cost Code. Rate Sheets are a Premium Feature on PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE Plans. Start a Premium Trial to test this feature on FREE and ESSENTIALS Plans.

Learn more in the Academy: Custom Rate Sheets

New: Billable Cost Codes. New Cost Codes are set to billable by default. All existing Cost Codes (including Archived) become billable with this release. A Cost Code can be made billable or non-billable by changing its Billable Hours setting.

Learn more in the Academy: Custom Cost Codes

New: These cost metric columns are now part of Timesheet Export: Logged Billable (h), Logged Non-Bill (h), Logged Cost, Logged Cost Billable, Logged Cost Non-Billable.

Learn more in the Academy: Timesheet Review & Export


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