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New Updates | Release 36 Summary

New Updates Release 36 Summary December 2022

Release 36 | December 15, 2022

We’re ending the year with a bundle of goodies to monitor progress and delivering on a popular customer request for Workload filtering. Over 85 new features and optimizations were released in 2022, many of them inspired by customer feedback. Thank you! More is coming in 2023. . .

Insights Widget

insights widget view

One of the best things about Predictive Scheduling is the ability to see far into the future. The new Insights Widget makes it even easier to see what’s going on by collecting Schedule and Work Metrics in a simplified view on your dashboard. Scope the widget to a Package, Project or Sub-Folder to monitor progress and keep things moving in the right direction. Jump from the Dashboard to another view using the Schedule, Workload, Board and Grid buttons.

NEW: Insights Widget in the Dashboard Widget Gallery.

Learn more in the Academy: Widgets and Groups

Target Date Deltas

data table row with target finish deltas

You’ll get the most out of Predictive Scheduling when you add Target Dates to your plan. While expected start and finish dates are calculated and fluidly adapt to change, Targets are fixed. Schedule bars show where Remaining Work lands in comparison to those dates and the new Target Date Deltas show the number of days early or late.

NEW: Target Date Deltas calculate the difference between Expected Dates and Target Dates.

NEW: Delta calculations display on the Edit Panel Properties tab and Dashboard Insight widgets.

NEW: Delta columns available in Priority Views, Grid Views and Dashboard List widgets.

Learn more in the Academy: Target Dates & Deltas

Workload Filtering

As work and resources change, LiquidPlanner automatically levels your team’s workload across multiple projects and dependencies. Workload helps you stay on top of it all by showing how work is distributed over 30, 60, 90 and 180 days. Our users asked to narrow the data set and we delivered! Now you can filter Workload views and widgets by Member or Resource, and combine with filters for Active Tasks and Projects.

NEW: Filter to Tasks at Risk, ASAP Tasks or create a Custom Task filter.

NEW: Filter to Projects at Risk or create a Custom Project filter.

NEW: Filter to a Member or Resource. Anyone is the default. Organizations on the ULTIMATE Plan can filter by Group.

Learn more in the Academy: Workload View and Widgets & Groups


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