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New Updates | Release 38 Summary

New Updates | Release 38 Summary

Release 38 | March 21, 2023

There’s lots to celebrate in this release, we followed through on quite a few customer requests! There are new columns in Timesheet Export, Portfolio and Package views now include Rate Sheets, and there’s more visibility around scope and filtering on Dashboards. Uploading and managing Files is the biggest feature we’re delivering this month.

NEW! Upload Files 

You can upload files to any Package, Project, Sub-Folder or Task by going to the Files tab on the item’s edit panel. Drag & Drop up 10 files at a time or Browse to select them from your device. File types aren’t restricted, so you can include everything you need. Read more here.

Timesheet Export now includes scheduled hours

Timesheet Export makes it possible to analyze hours based on costs, data fields, people and groups, plan items and so on. Timesheet Export is located under People in the left side navigation. It’s a premium feature on the Professional and Ultimate Plans. Customers asked us to add columns for scheduled hours to help with forecasting. We loved the idea and jumped on it right away!

NEW: Columns for scheduled hours and related data including costs and billing.

NEW: Export schedule columns via API.

Learn more in the Academy: Timesheet Review & Export and see the API Documentation to learn about exporting via API.

Rate Sheets in Portfolio and Package Views

Rate Sheets are located under Administration in the left-side navigation. Org Admins and Workspace Managers customize Rate Sheets to establish billing rules. Once the Rate Sheet is associated with a project, rates are applied when people log progress on tasks in the project. Rate Sheets are a premium feature on the Professional and Ultimate Plans. In this release we made it easier to see which Rate Sheets are associated with projects and make changes if needed.

NEW: Rate Sheet columns added to Portfolio and Package Priority Views, Grid Views set to Projects, and Project List Widgets on Dashboards.

NEW: Rate Sheet column add to the bulk editor. When editing projects in the Bulk Editor, the Rate Sheet associated with a project can be viewed by members with Project Editor access and edited Project Managers and above.

Learn more in the Academy: Rate SheetsBulk Edit & Move

All Users Views updated

Organization Administrators manage Users by going to All Users under Administration in the left-side navigation. It has views for managing Licensed Users, Org Admins, Disconnected Users and Pending Invitations. The two updates in this area were both suggested by customers.

NEW: Disconnected Users has a column displaying the date the user was disconnected.

NEW: Pending Invites has a filter to include or hide expired invitations in the view. The box to Include Expired invitations is checked by default. Uncheck it to hide them.

Learn more in the Academy: Users & Org Admins

More visibility for Scope and Filters on Dashboards

dashboard filtering settings custom fields

Dashboard filtering includes the Dashboard Scope plus Project, Task and Assignment filters. In order for data to display on a Dashboard it must be within the Dashboard Scope. Groups and Widgets inherit higher level scope and filter settings. With this release we’ve made it easier see what has been applied.

NEW: Dashboard Scope is shown in the Group Filter modal. +Filters displays when the Dashboard is filtered by Project, Task or Assignment.

NEW: Group Scope and Dashboard Scope are shown in the Widget Settings modal. +Filters displays when Project, Task or Assignment filters are set on the Group or Dashboard.

Learn more in the Academy: Dashboards


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