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October 2017 Product Update: A Faster Way to Add New Work

This month, we’re excited to introduce two new features that will make it easier to add work and focus on what’s important in LiquidPlanner.

Add Plan Items Faster with New Forms

You now have a faster, more efficient way to add new plan items, like tasks or projects, to LiquidPlanner. With a simple form, you’ll be able to easily add important information like owners, task estimates, project deadlines, or event dates. We’ve also made it easier to add add multiple items in one go.

This update is informed by recent research with LiquidPlanner customers. During user testing, we noticed that the old forms weren’t as intuitive as they could be. With this update, we’ve strived to make adding new work to LiquidPlanner as straightforward as possible.

Whether you’re transferring a plan from whiteboard to LiquidPlanner, creating a project from scratch, or copying from another source, this update will help you quickly build the plan.

Find the Right Tasks with these Dependency Updates

Also in this update are several new dependency status filters that will help you focus in on tasks that are ready-to-work and identify others that could be compromising your schedule.

Ready to Work: This new Status Filter narrows down your view to active items that don’t have any dependencies or that have a satisfied dependency for a predecessor task. This filter can be combined with a Person filter to give you a consolidated view of your tasks that are ready to be worked on.

Has Broken Dependency: This is a new rule that you can build into a custom Status Filter to filter down to any item that has a broken dependency alert, allowing you to quickly find and fix issues that could be negatively impacting your schedule.

A couple other new custom status filter rules to know are:

  • All dependencies satisfied
  • Has dependents

These updates are now available to all LiquidPlanner customers. Not a customer? Start a free trial.

Coming Soon: Our New Developer Hub

We’re getting ready to launch our brand new Developer hub and we want you to be the first to know!

This interactive hub makes the LiquidPlanner API much more approachable for developers of all skill levels. It offers detailed documentation, a comprehensive endpoint reference, a new changelog, and a simple way to try out API calls right from your browser. We’ll be sharing the news in just a few days, so stay tuned!


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