What Is Your Project Management System Costing You?

Tatyana Sussex | April 4, 2016

pm tool costing you money
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Let’s start with a myth:

All Project Management Tools Have Their Problems, So What?

Sometimes, the state of affairs has been so bad for so long, you just roll with it. Because everyone else does too! In the case of project management software, well, of course, it’s laborious and a pain to use, but it works (sort of)! Everyone else is using it! I went to school to learn how to use it! It’s better than nothing!

Times have changed. You have adapted. But your project management solution hasn’t. Using outdated project management systems could be costing you productivity, efficacy, and opportunity right now.

PM tool calculator

To see how much your project management system might be costing you, try our PM Tool Cost Calculator.

Based on research from McKinsey & Co., Harvard Business Review and The Standish Group, this calculator will give you an estimate of the cost of projects not completed, over budget, and productivity lost. Try it today!