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Your New Year's Project Management Resolutions

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Your Project Management New Year’s Resolutions

project management resolutions | LiquidPlanner

The New Year is just days away. Have you made any project management resolutions for the new year? If you haven’t started your list, these five ideas may jumpstart your workplace resolution planning.

Resolve to be a more effective communicator in 2020.

Strong communication is a pillar of project management success. Poor communication can lead to bigger problems, like scope creep, missed deadlines, and poorly defined goals.

This year, look for ways to improve communication between yourself and your stakeholders and project teams. Here are some articles to help you improve your communication skills in the new year:

Art of communication in project management, Project Management Institute

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills Today, LiquidPlanner

11 Communication Skills of Effective Project Leaders, CIO

Resolve to be even more of a project management evangelist.

Executives and project managers don’t always see eye-to-eye on the importance and benefits of project management. In 2020, make it a goal to share the quantifiable, measurable impacts project management delivers.

Here are some articles to help you demonstrate the value of project management:

Yes, Your Team Needs a Project Manager. Here’s Why, LiquidPlanner

How to Win People Over and Gain Buy-In from Senior Stakeholders, Strategy Execution

How to Win Project Buy-In from Senior Stakeholders, LiquidPlanner

Resolve to learn something new in 2020.

Take an inventory of your current skillset. What could move you ahead in the next year? Or, think about your life outside of work. Is there a hobby you’d like to try? Maybe this is the year you finally learn how to Salsa dance or brew the perfect IPA. Challenge yourself to try and learn something new in 2020. Here are some resources to get you started:

44 Learning Resources for Project Managers, LiquidPlanner

Top 10 Highly-Desired Skills You Can Teach Yourself, Lifehacker

Resolve to be a project leader, not just a manager.

Many project managers, especially those in more technical roles, tend to skew more towards left-brain thinking: rational and analytical. But leading successful projects and building high-performing teams requires PMs to use both sides of their brains. In addition to being rational and analytical, they also need to be creative, empathetic, and able to connect with the team and stakeholders.

Whether you identify as more left- or right-brained, resolve to bring both sides together this year and become a leader, not just a manager.

How to Transition From Project Manager to Project Leader, LiquidPlanner

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The Two Styles of Project Leadership: Which One Are You?, LiquidPlanner

Resolve to celebrate the successes.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re racing off to the next thing before we even have a chance to congratulate ourselves on a job well done. In 2020, make it a habit to celebrate successes, both big and small.

15 Ways to Celebrate Success, A Girl’s Guide to PM

How to Measure the Success of Your Projects, LiquidPlanner

The Right Way To Praise Your Team’s Accomplishments, Fast Company

Wishing you a happy and successful 2020!

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