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Release 17 | A Few Post-Launch Updates

Release 17 | April 28, 2021

After last week’s V1 launch, we have a byte-sized batch of changes to share with you for some light reading.


CHANGED: The Projects tab and the My Work tab switched positions on the left-navigation sidebar.

CHANGED: Use the breadcrumbs at the top of an Academy lesson to return to previous pages. The breadcrumbs navigate back to the list of lessons on the learning track page or to the Academy home.

Release 17 LiquidPlanner Academy Breadcrumbs

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My Profile

CHANGED: The Email field on a member’s My Profile page is grayed out to indicate email addresses cannot be changed in that field. Instead, use the Change Email button on the right to make an email address change.

Release 17 LiquidPlanner  Profile

Workspace Hub

CHANGED: Go to the workspace hub to quickly see a member or resource’s cross-project workload. Clicking on a member or resource’s name opens the workload subview for the individual selected.

From the Member List: Workspace Hub > Members > click on a member’s name.

From the Resources List: Workspace Hub > Resources > click on a resource’s name.

Member Workflow hub




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