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The Power of Having Your Entire Team in One Project Management Solution

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The Power of Having Your Entire Team in One Project Management Solution

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With traditional project management solutions, you have one Project Manager responsible for updating the project schedule. So much valuable time is wasted chasing down others for updates, just to have to manually adjust a constantly outdated plan. There’s no visibility into what is being worked on and when; you’re finding it hard to keep up and keep track of everything. When change occurs – which it always does – communicating new priorities across the team feels impossible. Sound familiar?

Imagine getting HOURS of your time back because the entire team is collaborating and updating their work in real time within one solution. Visibility and transparency into the project plan increase, and actionable insights are revealed that enable your team to make faster business decisions. You can confidently tell stakeholders exactly when the project will finish, what the priorities are, and where there is risk that is impacting the overall success. Seems too good to be true, right? 

I am here to tell you, it isn’t! LiquidPlanner is a transformative project management solution that uses predictive scheduling to dynamically adapt to change and manage uncertainty. It helps teams prioritize, predict and perform with confidence.

So, how does it work?

Simply create your work, add estimates, set your priorities, assign your people – and voila! You have a powerful project schedule you can trust. Your team members log in every morning, and clearly see what they are responsible for and how long their work will take. 

As project tasks are completed integrated tracking captures in real-time all updates so that your workspace participants can instantly see live progress within the project schedule. If adjustments are made, the dynamic schedule allows team members to see any changes in priority or scope, so they can adapt immediately.  

Most projects require continuous additions, prioritization, and assignment of additional project work. As the team logs progress and completes tasks, LiquidPlanner takes into account their remaining capacity through automatic resource leveling – all while showing you exactly when this work will start and finish. 

The result?

Collaboration is enhanced with everyone working in the same tool.  Productivity is maximized because team members can see the impact of their work within the entire project portfolio – and they feel empowered! People know what to work on at all times since changes and adjusted priorities are captured and reflected clearly for all to see.

Not to mention, when your team comes together on the right things at the right time, performance and job satisfaction are enhanced.

The keys to realizing this value begins with leveraging the software to plan, prioritize, estimate, and assign work.  Then, team members can all collaborate in the workspace, updating progress as it is made.   They say that there’s no  “I” in “TEAM” – and this definitely applies to project execution. One person can’t be expected to update the plan for everyone. LiquidPlanner gives you a smarter way to align your people, priorities, and projects to deliver and optimize projects with confidence.

Are you ready to transform the way you work?

Allison Wilbur, LiquidPlanner Director of Product Programs & Services

Allison Wilbur is our Director of Product Programs & Services.  For the past seven years she has helped onboard hundreds of LiquidPlanner customers, ensuring they are set-up for success and achieving their goals.  Allison is recently married, has a 2-year-old golden retriever puppy named Baker, and loves traveling the world.



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