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Top 5 Apps for Student Success – Happy Back To School, Students!


How do you start the school year off on the right foot? With the right set of tools and resources.

If you’re a student trying to make the most out of your education, think of this as a care package from your supportive fans of LiquidPlanner.

No matter how tough this school year might get, these 5 apps are sure to get you through the pain of getting back into the swing of studying again. Plus, they’re essential for developing good habits for building successful years ahead. (And yes, we included our own product in your tool kit.)

LiquidPlanner – Our cloud-based, social project management software helps you organize your curriculum, plan your classes, and collaborate with others students and teachers on coursework and group projects. Plus, it will always be free for students.

Evernote –  This popular app lets you take and store all kind of notes and information and sync files across your devices in all mediums (text, video, photos, etc.).

Rescuetime – This personal analytics service tracks how you spend your time and then provides tools to help you be more productive.

Instapaper – This simple, brilliant tool lets you save must-read web pages to your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer or Kindle – so you can consume them when you have more time.

Udemy – If you feel like stepping out of your curriculum to take a business class taught by practicing experts in their field, check into the world’s largest website for online courses.

Now go, be awesome. We know you can do it!


Do you use any EDU tools, apps, resources or franistans that we missed? Leave us a comment below – tell us your story!


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