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Why Modern Businesses Choose Private Cloud Providers

Private cloud services provide a high degree of security and unparallelled accessibility. But is the private cloud the best option for your business?

We stand witness to the mass migration of businesses to the cloud – in early stages, it represented a competitive advantage, while now it has become almost mandatory for businesses that strive for growth. Be that as it may, one of the unyielding benefits of cloud technology is its accessibility. This feature is what allows you to hire remote talent, prepare for important meetings while traveling, and stay informed of any changes in real-time. 

In addition to that, many modern-day businesses support the cloud as an environmentally-friendly manner to store data since it allows your business to go paperless and it reduces your carbon footprint. However, there is another unwavering trend many businesses are following that is worth noting: private clouds.

Defining a private cloud

The main idea of a private cloud service, as the name suggests, is that the focus is on the needs and goals of a single organization. Another piece of information to keep in mind is that private clouds differ in terms of how they are hosted and managed. This means that not only do you get to choose the provider but you can also ponder over the most suitable type of private cloud.

A virtual private cloud is an isolated environment within a public cloud that allows a company to run its business separately from other users of the public cloud – the server is shared but the user’s computing resources are private. A hosted private cloud is hosted by a provider on-premises or in a data center and most importantly, the server is used by your organization alone. A managed private cloud is similar to hosted but the providers have a larger role, that is, they manage the private cloud’s daily operations.

Now that we have gone through some basics, let’s take a look at the reasons private clouds are gaining in popularity. 

Get your money’s worth

Let’s start with the topic most people leave for the end because they don’t wish to seem impertinent: the price. The reason pricing needs to be addressed at the very beginning is because there is no use wasting time on making assessments if you cannot afford something. So, when it comes to pricing, the main benefit of private cloud services is that the expenses are fixed and you can pick a provider or a service that fits your budget.

Although the prices depend on individual providers, the monthly expenses are the same every month, regardless of the current workload which is a feature many entrepreneurs value. In every business, profits fluctuate depending on the season, so a fixed expense allows you to plan ahead, protect your cash flow, and ensure your business remains afloat. This means that by outsourcing these services, you will get the desired results and save money in the long run.   

Place emphasis on performance

When choosing a cloud service, the second thing you will inevitably consider is the correlation between the service and your business’s performance. This is only natural because, as a business owner, you wish for your business to thrive and grow which means that your performance needs to be boosted and not hindered by the cloud service you choose.

Your company’s expansion potential depends on performance, which is why all business components need to be flexible, yet stable. Many small businesses turn towards experienced private cloud providers who, among other features, ensure stability through hyper-converged technology application and special disaster-recovery mechanisms. So, if you opt for private cloud services, you needn’t worry about your business performance ever being compromised, neither by expansion nor by any unpredictable events. 

Always play safe

Private cloud services provide a high degree of security, first and foremost because big public services are more often the target of cyberattacks due to their higher levels of vulnerability. Cybercriminals leverage the size of those systems and look for a weak link in their security which endangers personal and business operation data of many companies and individuals using the said cloud service. On the other hand, private cloud servers are less frequently targeted because their security systems are more tightly-knit, owing to their size.

Many different security measurements come into play to make private clouds a safer place. One of them that is only implementable on private clouds is a dedicated leased line. Leased lines serve numerous purposes, such as to link servers and PCs in separate corporate offices, connect to the Internet, make calls, enable employees to connect to their office PCs from home, etc. What makes this feature secure is the fact that its large bandwidth and speed are dedicated solely to your business. 

Wrapping up

Having in mind our fast-paced digital development, the question of whether or not to move to the cloud is no longer relevant – if you refuse to do so, you may find yourself being outrivaled by many previously less successful businesses. The only relevant analysis should be directed towards finding the best solutions for your business needs.

You need a cloud service which can grow together with your business harmoniously, which would be secure and whose providers will focus their efforts on tailoring a solution for you. Opting for private cloud services will provide you with the necessary peace of mind so you can direct your efforts towards growing your business. 



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