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How We Work: LiquidPlanner Customer TDW BI Consulting

TDW BI Consulting

LiquidPlanner customer TDW

We love to check in with our customers and hear about their work habits. And naturally, we’re always eager to learn how teams use LiquidPlanner to improve the way they manage projects and move their business forward. This month, we talked to Paulo Pinho, CEO of TDW BI Consulting, an information management consulting company with offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paulo and his team of 50 consultants have been using LiquidPlanner for over four years. Here, he tells us how TDW uses LiquidPlanner to be a more profitable company, and how they reward themselves for a job well done. Plus more, read on!


Q: Why is project management software important to your business?
A: TDW provides professional services in the Business Intelligence market. Project management is key to delivering work on time and being profitable.

What do you look for in a project management tool?
Traditional project management solutions are very centralized and depend too much on project manager skills. When we found LiquidPlanner, we were looking for something different, a solution that could engage the entire team in project managing their work.

How has LiquidPlanner helped your organization?
We use LiquidPlanner to manage all internal and external projects. LiquidPlanner helps us handle our project schedule and resources with much more confidence; we deliver work with fewer deviations, and keep costs under control. We know exactly how much effort is necessary for each project; plus, we can use past results to improve our estimations for new initiatives.

What is the #1 benefit that LiquidPlanner provides your team?

LiquidPlanner helps us keep our business under control.

How has using LiquidPlanner changed the way your team works together?

LiquidPlanner is the central hub of TDW operations. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration and Professional Services teams use the workspace in all day-to-day operations. Internal and external meetings are documented using LiquidPlanner, and most internal communication is done through the Comments feature. Internal and External projects are planned and executed with the support of LiquidPlanner.

Favorite features?

What’s your favorite time of day to work?

Any time is a good time when you love what you do. There is just one restriction: It’s impossible to start a working day without a strong double espresso.

LiquidPlanner and TDW

How do you reward yourself and your team for a job well done?

Are you crazy? We are IT people. Our reward for a job well done is more work. A lot of additional work!!


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