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8 Benefits of Having Your Project Management Tool in the Cloud


Cloud-based services are no longer a new concept. An increasing number of organizations are storing their applications and data in a cloud-based system and it’s fast becoming business as usual. In case you have any reservations about cloud computing, here are 8 benefits of having your project management software in the cloud.

  1. Easy access. Teams can be scattered all over the globe and still access an updated version of the project plan from whatever time zone they live in, and collaborate with their team on the most updated version of the plan. Also, you can access content and plans from a variety of devices—laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  2. Quicker and easier onboarding. All it takes to get started is a password; there’s no need to deal with complicated installations and settings. Plus, since almost everyone is used to accessing and managing something online—from their social networking sites to personal blogs—the barrier for entry is far lower than software installation products. Bottom line: There is a learning curve but there’s usually less training to onboard a team.
  3. It’s affordable. Online project management software is cost-friendly for customers. Companies don’t have to buy expensive servers, pay for storage and pony up for implementation costs.
  4. Improved teamwork. Cloud-based project management tools give teams collaboration features (e.g., commenting, document sharing) that create a more efficient and productive process. Plus, the transparent nature of most cloud-based services makes for a more participatory system – one where everyone on the team has insight into project and status, something that wasn’t available in more traditional PM systems managed by a single person.project management in the cloud
  5. You’re one step ahead of the game. Cloud software, platforms and infrastructure are not a passing fad—they’ve fast becoming a business convention. There’s no business advantage to being a late cloud adopter.
  6. It’s flexible. Projects are rife with uncertainty. Since cloud-based PM tools can be updated in real time, teams can make changes as they occur and update schedules in real time to provide a realistic view. This allows teams to work in a way that’s more proactive than reactive—which keeps them on top of their schedules rather than constantly playing catch-up.
  7. Allows for web-based integrations. It takes a village of apps and services to run a business these days, and the growing demand for integrated services lets teams manage a variety of task types in one location to collaborate more effectively with teammates, clients and vendors.
  8. Increases productivity. When you put some of the previous benefits together—improved teamwork, collaboration features, flexibility, easy integrations—these all support higher levels of efficiency. Plus, you can get more work done with fewer people when processes are streamlined.


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