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Feature Tip #17: Ensure Accurate Hours with Timesheet Locking

Feature Tip: Ensure Accurate Hours with Timesheet Locking


Depending on tracking and reporting dynamics, you may need more control over timesheets in LiquidPlanner. It’s great that everyone complies with time tracking requirements, but what if those hours are billable? How can you ensure the accuracy if you need them for payroll, compliance or performance evaluations?

Timesheet Locking provides greater control over how your team can log time so that your records are more accurate. With Soft Locks, you can set locks for members, groups and projects, and limit time logging after a specified date. Project managers and admins still have control over timesheet data if needed.

Hard Locks can be applied to the workspace so that no time can be recorded after a date specified by an admin. Use Hard Locks to lock the workspace for cleaner reporting or exporting timesheet data to different systems. 

Managing Timesheet Locking is made easy with LiquidPlanner’s new Time View, where you can view timesheets, manage locks, and export data.

Ready to learn how to use Timesheet Locking to ensure accurate hours? Check out this video:

How to Ensure Accurate Hours Using Timesheet Locking:

Timesheet Locking prevents Timesheet editing through a specified date.

This helps maintain the accuracy and integrity of recorded hours, preventing unintended changes or manipulation. 

Once timesheets are locked, use your time tracking data for payroll, client billing, quality control, R&D credits, or in-depth project & team reporting.

Locking can be applied to all the timesheets in the Workspace or limited to those in a Project or Group. 

Soft Lock is set on individual Projects, Groups, Members or Resources to manage project hours and tracking compliance. 

A Project Soft Lock prevents further time tracking in that project but it doesn’t impede tracking in other projects. A Group Soft Lock prevents tracking for everyone in the Group, across all their projects, through the lock date.

Hard Lock affects all Timesheets in the Workspace and prevents time entries from being changed without administrative approval. 

This level of security preserves data integrity as hours are exported into other systems for billing or reporting.

Individual Member and Resource timesheets can be locked or opened by week.

Timesheet Locking and review processes help ensure accurate record keeping, financial integrity and regulatory compliance. 

Even if your organization isn’t billing for time, effective timesheet locking processes can facilitate better resource allocation and optimize performance across teams.

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