The LiquidPlanner Approach to Increasing Teamwork and Productivity

How LiquidPlanner Improves Teamwork and Productivity as a Project Collaboration Software

Tatyana Sussex | August 16, 2016

Project Collaboration Software | LiquidPlanner
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Collaboration. Teamwork. Impeccable lines of communication. Working together seamlessly, producing work that defines industries and leads markets. This is what we all want—powerful modes of collaboration that bring out the best performances in individuals, teams, and businesses.

But what do we mean when we say “collaboration?” Everyone wants to collaborate! And collaborative cloud-based software like LiquidPlanner is changing the way we work together.

You don’t have to look far to find articles and studies stating the fact that many projects and companies fail due to a lack of effective collaboration. When collaboration is broken (poor modes of communication, work slipping through the cracks, unaligned priorities), teams often combust—and talent can end up leaving your organization to find a more productive, thriving environment. Why is it so hard to get this right?

It’s How You Collaborate That Makes a Difference

It’s not so much that you collaborate, because by nature that’s what teams do. It’s how you collaborate. And how you collaborate is at the root of building dynamic teamwork.

From Day 1, LiquidPlanner’s co-creators were focused on improving how teams collaborated on project work. The trick was embedding the process of collaborating in the software.

“We wanted collaboration tied to the work itself,” says co-founder and CTO Jason Carlson. Instead of teams relying on chat applications or conversation feeds that live somewhere other than where the project work unfolds, LiquidPlanner integrated collaborative actions into the work itself. All that precious collateral—comments, conversation streams, document sharing—is all tied to the related project information.

“It’s one source of truth,” Jason says of collaborating in LiquidPlanner. “Everything captured in one place.”

In LiquidPlanner the entire team has access to and contributes to the project plan. This means everyone knows how work is progressing, what top priorities are and how individual work affects the end goal. And there’s nothing better than working in harmony with your team, as unwaveringly as possibly, toward the same finish line.

You can watch Jason talk about the importance of collaborating effectively, and how LiquidPlanner helps teams do this in the following video.




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