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How LiquidPlanner’s Customer Success Team is Your Team’s 12th Man

We’re bursting with excitement in the Seattle offices of LiquidPlanner this week. Our Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row—after making what was nothing short of a miraculous comeback in Sunday’s playoff game.

The LP 12th Man Team.

No matter how well and hard the team plays, the Seahawks have a secret weapon: The 12th Man. That’s us, the raging, loving fans, famous for filling stadiums with such earth-shattering roars that during last year’s Super Bowl, the Denver Bronco’s quarterback Payton Manning missed plays because he couldn’t hear through the 12th Man’s noisemaking. Everyone in Seattle knows that the fans are part of the Seahawks’ success. The number 12 is visible throughout the city right now.

The 12th Man flag up high.
The 12th Man flag up high.

To bring the analogy home, the LiquidPlanner Customer Success team is like the 12th Man for our customers (but without the decibels). Learning, adopting and adapting to new project management software is a team effort, and takes commitment. Our CS team plays an active role in helping organizations like yours figure out how to use LiquidPlanner to meet business needs and organizational goals. From learning the basics like estimating in ranges and prioritizing work to managing resources and planning multiple projects, we’re there in the trenches with you along the way. From your initial trial period to the onboarding and adoption process, we provide teams with training, workspace consultations and a host of helpful content and guides on our website.

Two of our Customer Success team members.
Customer Success and 12th Man team members Evan Hill and Jen Ash.

And we stay an active participant over time as customers grow and their business needs shift. For example, the LP workspace you set up during the first month might need a review and some updating after six months or a year.  Our team helps with this process, too.

We also have an open relationship with our customers on the topic of feature requests. Many of our new features and updates (i.e., Multiple Owners) are direct responses to customer feedback, making our customers an active and engaged part of our team.

The LiquidPlanner Customer Success team provides information and support in a number of ways, taking into account that everyone has a different learning style; our customers live in different time zones, and our teams have their own way of using LiquidPlanner to suit specific project needs.

Some Customer Success 12 Men all dressed up.
Members of the Customer Success team all dressed up for the LP holiday party.

Here’s a list of 12 ways our 12th Man shows up to support our customers:

  1. Welcome calls to all new customers. To make sure we can get your team started on the right foot, and understand your needs.
  2. Weekly training webinars: For those who need a basic LP overview.
  3. Workspace reviews and consulting: For those who want to run their processes by an LP expert and bounce around ideas about best practices.
  4. Onboarding and team adoption. We know that success depends on getting your team up and running, and using LP together. We provide a Getting Started guide and an LP Playbook to help new teams use LP to its full potential.
  5. Phone calls. For those who prefer a verbal walkthrough to watching a video or reading.
  6. Email. For any question you might have. Perhaps you couldn’t find what you were looking for in the Learning and Support center.
  7. Training sessions. We facilitate training sessions for teams during the onboarding phase to get customers up to speed when applicable.
  8. Online help articles. For those who want how-to info, and step-by-step instructions.
  9. Videos. For those who prefer to learn by watching something rather than reading.
  10. Blog posts. For real-world examples and stories about project management and LP features, including insight from team members, outside partners and customers alike.
  11. Release notes. To let all users know what changed with each update we roll out.
  12. We’re there for you. Our Customer Support team helps teams manage their projects and portfolios as effectively and efficiently as possible in LiquidPlanner—every step of the way.


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