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October Product Update: Focus on the Work That Really Matters | LiquidPlanner

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October Product Update: Focus on the Work That Really Matters

Project Focus | LiquidPlanner

Did you know that your ability to focus at work directly impacts personal and business success? Various studies have proven that focus is tied to job engagement, which is tied to increased productivity and business growth.

Still, the struggle to focus on work that needs to be done right now is universal. Distractions are everywhere. Projects grow in scope and priorities change; co-workers stop by to chat (fun), and ask for last-minute help (not so fun). There are demands from stakeholders, requests from customers, resources to be allocated. Could your attention get any more splintered?

And yet, we all want it: To get in that zone where we do impactful work and make a mark in our industry.

Focus on relevant project information

At LiquidPlanner, we know the importance of focusing on the right work to deliver excellence. Our October update supports teams in this mission—with new filter options that let team members remove distractions and focus on their most important work, no matter what’s going on around them.  

Here’s a rundown of these new focus filters:

From the Filter Menu you now have three choices around how you see and interact with your workspace:

All Projects: This is the full-meal deal, everything in your workspace. This allows you to see everything that’s going on if you want a big picture view.

My Projects: You’ll only see the packages and projects that you’re part of. This way you can focus on the work with, literally, your name on it—and have the benefit of seeing how it fits with everything else that’s going on with your projects.

My Tasks: You’ll only see the tasks you’re assigned to. For the days you want to zero in on getting things done, this one gets your straight to your top priority tasks.

Now you can see your work in context and focus on the project information that’s relevant to getting your job done. Do more of the right work, starting today!

Also Newly Redesigned, the People Tab

You’ll notice another nifty update—the look and feel of the People tab. There are now consolidated people-centric functions, such as profile, notifications, access controls, and the member invite process.

To learn more about our October update, read the release notes.

If you’re not a LiquidPlanner customer but looking for ways to increase focus and productivity at work, try us out!

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