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All Project Management Tools Have Their Problems, So What?

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All Project Management Tools Have Their Problems, So What?

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Sometimes, the state of affairs has been so bad for so long, you just roll with it. Because everyone else does too! In the case of project management software, well, of course, it can be a pain to update, and it hardly ever reflects the current schedule but it works (sort of)! Everyone else is using it! I went to school to learn how to use it! It’s better than nothing!

It’s time for new thinking

For a while, a lot of us could get away with this kind of thinking. A lot of us did. But now, if you look around you’ll see that times have seriously changed. Business moves fast. Customers have high demands. Markets fluctuate, and change happens often and quickly. It can be overwhelming to keep up. Where on earth do you start to adapt? That’s a valid question.

New tools, new rules

Here’s some good news: The project management market is making it easier to imagine, and adopt a more efficient way of working. There are now more dynamic, nimble planning tools to choose from. The old days of using spreadsheets to juggle priorities and tasks and keep the schedule updated (hard and horrible) are easily yesterday’s news. More traditional tools are increasingly being traded in for more humane ones that are collaborative, automated and supportive of the way projects really unfold. Teams need project management software that accommodates change and accounts for uncertainty. And it’s out there!

The cost of staying with the status quo

There’s a high cost to doing nothing—to sticking with what “works.” It’s a sneaky truth because sometimes we’re burning money and wasting time without realizing it. Teams get accustomed to a process, to using certain tools. And everything is basically OK. But look around; ask around:

  • Does your team love the PM tool they’re using (or not using)?
  • Is your project management system working for you and your team or is there a better way?
  • How do you know it’s time to change?

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