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Release 34 | Dashboards


Release 34 | November 3, 2022

This month’s feature update includes BIG changes for Dashboards. There are more filters and more widgets, plus greater control over the Dashboard layout and settings. Have a look at the R34 Release Summary to see what else is new.


Dashboards help you visualize work and track project metrics. Dashboards update in real time as people log progress, estimate assignments, edit data fields and mark work done. LiquidPlanner has three Dashboard types:

  • Workspace Dashboards incorporate data from all projects and packages.
  • Package Dashboards bring data together across all projects within a package.
  • Project Dashboards capture data from a single project.

NEW: Data analysis is essential to the project teams utilizing LiquidPlanner and we’re pleased to offer the full power of Advanced Dashboards to every user moving forward. Beginning with this release, Package and Workspace Dashboards are available for all accounts, including those on the FREE Plan.

NEW: Widgets are the primary design element for Dashboards and the Widget Gallery has thirteen brand new widgets to choose from including metrics, properties, lists, task board, workload, changes, schedule summary, notes and images.

NEW: Groups are the basis of the Dashboard layout, providing control over widget size and positioning. Widgets inherit the Group’s scope and data filter settings.

NEW: Customize Dashboards with images and header text.

NEW: Scope sets the boundaries for data display and filtering at the Dashboard level, in Groups and on Widgets.

NEW: Project, Task and Assignment filters for Dashboards and Groups.

CHANGED: Dashboards Library has been redesigned, categorizing Dashboards by Workspace and then Collection: Scheduled, Pending, Archived and Templates. 

CHANGED: Existing Dashboards will automatically be converted to the new widget set. There’ll be no change to the data – it’s just the display that’s being updated. The Academy has a lesson supporting this transition.

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