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The Top 5 Articles for Those New to Remote Work

We've compiled our 5 favorite blogs on going remote—each packed with actionable tips and insights from those that work remotely full-time.

In response to the ever-growing threat of COVID-19, many companies around the globe are asking employees to transition from full-time in-office to full-time remote. And while not every person’s job function is able to accommodate the switch, those in roles that can have largely (and rapidly) adopted this practice as their new normal.

At first glance, being remote for an extended period of time sounds great — you can get your laundry done while you work, get more one-on-one time with your pets or loved ones, and you can stay in sweatpants if you want to. But freedom from the four walls of your office can also come with a number of challenges that seriously hinder your productivity, collaboration, and connection. Being an efficient and effective remote employee (or manager) takes a great deal of patience and practice, and your prioritization and communication skills will be put to the test on a daily basis.

We’ve compiled our 5 favorite blogs on going remote — each packed with actionable tips and insights from those that work remotely full-time, lead remote teams, or have successfully kept collaboration and productivity high while being remote.


Top 5 Tips for Going Remote

I recently made the leap from commuting 2.5 hours a day to a 15-second commute to my home office. Telecommuting or “going remote” can be a dream for some and a challenge for others previously acclimated to office life. Working remote may seem like an employee’s Nirvanna but it isn’t about working in shorts while wearing a dress shirt for video conference calls. Working remotely still requires the professionalism of the office while enjoying the flexibility of being at home. If you have ever thought about working remotely, below are a few tips for being a successful and engaged remote employee. Read more

How Leaders Can Develop Great Remote Management Skills

Remote work is growing in popularity, but succeeding as a remote manager isn’t the same thing as being able to manage remote workers effectively. Unfortunately, managers who lead partially- or fully-remote teams — but who don’t have remote work experience of their own — may not understand what employees need to be successful in these environments. Whether you’re a new remote team manager or an established leader looking to improve your remote management skills, keep the following nine tips in mind. Read more

Creative Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged and Motivated

Remote working has become the norm in the modern world of work, with digital technology enabling members of teams in different locations and different time zones to work together on the same project. With that comes the modern-day challenge of keeping remote team members motivated and engaged, especially when in all likelihood they have never met in person. While technology facilitates the practical elements of remote communication and collaboration, how do organizations maintain company values and foster a real sense of cohesiveness and team spirit among such geographical disparity? Read more

3 Tips for Effective Communication on Remote Teams

Three years later, I can still vividly remember my first day as a remote worker. I woke up and went through my morning route, just as I had promised myself I would (no pajamas!). As I ate breakfast, I watched the morning commuters crawl down the street outside my apartment and thought, “Suckers!” My morning commute was now a mere 30 seconds. I logged on, replied to some emails, and worked on a blog post. “This is nice,” I told myself. “So quiet!” So quiet. So very quiet. Read more

Ask A PM: Boss Troubles and Working on a Remote Team

Dear Elizabeth: I have a boss who makes a habit of overcommitting my team to projects that require more resources than I have and deadlines that aren’t reasonable. I’m always told to just “make it happen.” I manage the team and do my best to keep morale up when people have to work overtime, etc. But you can only do so much. I see my team members burning out and a few of them have found new jobs. How do I convince my boss that his demands are unreasonable? – Exasperated

Dear Exasperated: Does your boss know that this behavior is causing people to quit? Perhaps it’s time for some home truths. Read more


We hope these blogs help you on your journey to becoming a confident, comfortable, and productive remote employee (even if it’s only temporary.) And be sure to follow us on Twitter for even more quick tips. Good luck!


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