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Feature Tip #3: Customize Your Availability and Never Be Overbooked | LiquidPlanner

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Feature Tip #3: Customize Your Availability and Never Be Overbooked

Customize your availability and never be overbooked


Planning around personal schedules is a headache for any manager. Combine that with changes in project scope or timing and it’s no wonder that people end up overloaded and stressed. Lacking insight into someone’s real time availability when you’re assigning their work can have serious consequences including:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Strained relationships
  • Diminished productivity

Having a balanced workload is critical for the health and well being of your team. Planning Intelligence makes it possible to protect them from overload through automatic resource leveling that optimizes the schedule to fill in gaps and honor restraints. The predictive scheduling engine knows when everyone is available and schedules their work within the specified time frame. This means that assigning more work doesn’t add more hours to someone’s day because the scheduling engine levels it out over their available hours instead.

Customizing Availability is the key to ensuring everyone’s workload is realistic and manageable. LiquidPlanner allows you to customize it down to the week, the day, and the hour so everyone knows who is available, and when they can start. Using the Availability Summary and Workload Views, Managers can distribute work in the most efficient way possible, balancing workload as needed to hit project deadlines.

Availability settings are the foundation of an accurate schedule across the entire workspace. As work is estimated and prioritized, it schedules within the rules established for working hours while flowing around holidays and personal time off.


Are you tired of being overbooked on your projects? Find the solution in this video:

Teams running on overload can’t maintain peak performance for long. LiquidPlanner solves this problem by automatically leveling workload for your team across multiple projects. When you customize Availability, the predictive scheduling engine takes non-working times into account, eliminating overload to provide a realistic schedule.

This means you can build time off, company holidays, and individual availability into your project plans so you’re never overbooked.

To customize your Availability, go to My Work in the left-side navigation.

  • Working Times tell LiquidPlanner when to schedule your tasks. Use the default rule or update it to match your schedule. When setting availability rules, think about breaks and other demands on your time.
  • Personal Time Off ensures work isn’t scheduled when you’re not around to do it. Set a vacation day and work will flow around it.
  • Everyone Time Off is set by Org Admins and Workspace Managers for holidays and activities outside of project work.

Keeping your availability and time off up to date enables you to know with confidence that you won’t ever be over capacity.

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