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Set Up Members, Resources & Placeholders | LiquidPlanner Academy

Location: People in the left-side navigation


Members, Resources, Placeholders #

Member, Resource and Placeholder Profiles under People in the left-side navigation

There are three options for assigning tasks in LiquidPlanner: Members, Resources, Placeholders. To set them up go to People in the left-side navigation.

Members are people who sign in to your workspace to update and manage their tasks. Each member has a User License.

Resources are used to schedule and track work for people outside your workspace, or to represent machine resources. Resources don’t sign in to your workspace. Their assignments are kept up to date by workspace members. With every User License purchased, two Resources are included for modeling.

Placeholders are for work that doesn’t need to be scheduled or tracked. Use them to set up tasks that will be assigned to other people or resources later. Placeholders don’t sign in to your workspace. They are free, and you can add as many as you need.

Organization Administrators and Workspace Managers can invite Members and create Resources and Placeholders.


Profiles View  #

Profiles View under People in the left-side navigation

Profiles is where you add Members, Resources and Placeholders and access their Profile pages.

Use the Drop Down Menu to filter by Members, Resources, Placeholders, Admins and Disconnected. All Active is the default view.

Filter the list by username, first name, last name, resource name, placeholder name.

Click on +Members to invite new members. Use the other buttons to create new Resources and Placeholders.

Click a Member or Resource to access their Profile and Views (Workload, Board, Timesheet, Availability, Search).

Clicking on a Placeholder brings you to its Profile.


Workspace Availability Summary & Time Off #

Availability Views under People in the left-side navigation

Availability is integral to Predictive Scheduling and maintaining a Balanced Workload. Working Times and Time Off rules ensure that work only schedules when people are available to do it.

Raw Availability Summary displays Member and Resource availability over the next 60 days for everyone in the Workspace. Working Times indicators are blue and Time Off indicators are gray. Hover over the indicators to see the date and hours available per day. Click on someone’s name to view their Workload. Jump to their Availability rules using the link next to their name.

Everyone Time Off displays holidays and other scheduled activities that take people away from project work for a full day or more. Everyone Time Off blocks scheduling for everyone in the workspace. Org Admins and Workspace Managers can create Everyone Time Off rules for the workspace. This view is also surfaced in each member’s Availability View.


Premium Features: Groups, Review Timesheets, Export Timesheets #

Groups, Review & Export Timesheets are Premium Features under People in the left-side navigation

Organizations on the ULTIMATE Plan can create groups for managing Members, Resources and Placeholders. Organization Administrators and Workspace Managers can create Groups.

Organizations on the PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE Plans are able to Review and Export Timesheets.