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8 Tips and Tricks to Getting the Most out of Classic LiquidPlanner

The LiquidPlanner Difference

Are you using Classic LiquidPlanner to its full potential?

This article pertains to our Classic Product. If interested in the New LiquidPlanner, please visit our Product page

There are a lot of features in our online project management software that can make your work life easier. Whether you’re new to LiquidPlanner or a self-proclaimed Super-User, here’s a list of features and how to use them to make the projects you manage more efficient and fun.

  1. New to LiquidPlanner? Start with Creating Project Plans.
    Learn how to create a project and review and modify the schedule order. This is a good introduction and refresher
  2. Save time with Duplicating Projects.
    Create a template project that you can duplicate and reuse for all new projects
  3. Use Comments to replace emails and meetings.
    This feature lets team members communicate information within each task, replacing email strings and meeting cycles.
  4. Use Favorites to create shortcuts.
    This feature gives you direct access to a frequently used package or a filter combination.
  5. See who’s working on what with the Workload Report.
    This feature gives you a bird’s eye view of all scheduled work assigned to team members.
  6. Use Activities to categorize your logged and remaining hours.
    This feature lets you designate hours as billable or non-billable and drives valuable analytics.
  7. See which Task Tips can help you manage projects better.
    Learn how to set different task views and create and work with tasks more efficiently.
  8. Use Portfolio Mode for a clean view of your client list.
    You can also print out a PDF file of client portfolios.


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