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LiquidPlanner’s New Expenses Feature: Know What Your Project Really Costs

project management expenses | LiquidPlanner

Projects have a lot of moving parts, and getting your budget right plays a big role in delivering successful projects. LiquidPlanner has always incorporated resource management into project schedules; and now, we’ve added a new feature to give you more insight into project costing and overall budgets:


Our Expenses feature lets you capture billable and non-billable expenses that are associated with projects, tasks, and milestones. And while you’ve always been able to account for labor costs in LiquidPlanner, you now have a way to account for non-labor costs (e.g., servers and equipment, traveling).

Here’s an example of Expenses in action.

LiquidPlanner expenses

Let’s say your company’s sales team is moving floors, and your IT team is tasked with setting up the new infrastructure. From the Edit Panel, you can enter the non-labor costs (routers, wall mount jacks, wireless routers) which your team would pay for; and then you can include the non-labor costs for the laptops and monitors that the Sales team will cover. You now have a complete picture of what the entire project costs, for all teams involved, and for labor and non-labor costs alike. If you do client work, you can separate billable work that gets charged to the client, from the equipment costs that your company would cover.

Expense information can also be accessed and surfaced in Analytics and Dashboards (check out the Analytics widget).

The new Expenses feature is available exclusively to Enterprise plan members. If you’re interested to learn more about what Enterprise offers, check out our pricing page, or contact our sales team to learn more.

For more details, read the Expenses help article. You can also see what other changes were incorporated into our latest update in these release notes.

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