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The First Annual LiquidPlanner Wavie Awards Are Almost Here

wavie awards logo

Actors have The Oscars. Athletes have The Espys. Now technology teams have The Wavies.

We are proud to announce our new annual customer awards program, the LiquidPlanner Wavie Awards! Our customers accomplish amazing things every day with the help of LiquidPlanner. As a way to recognize and share their successes with the world, we created The Wavie Awards.

Why is it called a “Wavie”?

When naming and designing our customer awards, we drew inspiration from the waves in our logo. Fun fact: The waves in the LiquidPlanner logo are a nod to the math symbol for congruency. The Wavies also symbolize customers who aren’t afraid to take calculated risks, ride the big waves, and make a splash with innovative ideas.

LiquidPlanner isn’t your conventional project management tool. Which means our customers aren’t afraid to ditch conventional thinking in exchange for a better way to work. With an emphasis on people and priorities instead of static dates, LiquidPlanner allows customers to be more efficient, complete more work, and make waves in their industries.

Award categories

The Wavies are comprised of five categories:

Big Risk, Bigger Reward
The Big Risk, Bigger Reward Wavie will recognize the team that ditched conventional tools and thought processes in favor of using LiquidPlanner—a solution that rewards teams with fewer meetings and emails, and increased collaboration and productivity!

Best Collaborative Culture
The Best Collaborative Culture Wavie will recognize the team that most effectively uses LiquidPlanner to harness the power of collaboration by using features such as in-app Comments, Tags, and Dashboards for communication efficiency.

Most Dramatic Business Impact
The Most Dramatic Business Impact Wavie will recognize the team that has used LiquidPlanner to help make a transformative impact on their business—so much so that they consider LiquidPlanner a cornerstone of their success.

Best Use of Data for Decision Making
The Best Use of Data for Decision Making Wavie will recognize the team that has uncovered key business insights and demonstrated incredible value by using LiquidPlanner features such as Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

Takin’ Care of Business Champion
The TCB Champion Wavie is for the team that has rolled up their sleeves, dived into LiquidPlanner, and successfully created to-do list items, tracked time, marked tasks done and delivered projects like a pro!

What happens next?

We will be announcing the winner of each category next week on November 18 right here on our blog, so stay tuned!

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